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CT – Scan

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CT (Computed Tomography) is a diagnostic test that combines the use of x-rays with computer technology. A series of x-rays beams from different angles around the body are used to show cross sectional images of the patient’s body. The images so obtained are assembled in a computer into a three- dimensional picture that can display organs, bones & tissues in great detail.

In spiral CT the examination table advances at a constant rate through the scanner gantry. While the x-ray tube rotates continuously around the patient, tracing a spiral path through the patient. This spiral path gathers continuous data with no gaps between images.

CT Angiography (CTA) is an examination that is used to visualize blood vessels in many areas of the body including the brain, kidneys, pelvis and the arteries serving the lungs. Compared to catheter angiography, which involves injecting contrast medium into an artery CTA is much less invasive & a more patient friendly procedure; contrast medium is injected into a vein rather than an artery.

Why is it done?
CT imaging offers detailed views of different types of tissue, including the lung, bones, soft tissues and blood vessels Using specialized equipment & expert technician to create CT scans of the body , radiologists can more easily diagnose problems such as cancers, cardiovascular diseases ,infectious diseases, trauma & musculoskeletal disorders.

How is it done?
Patient is asked to change into a gown before the examination & to remove jewellery, eyeglasses and metal objects depending on the part of the body that is being scanned.

The CT technician begins by positioning the patient on the CT table. The patient’s body is supported by the safety straps & is asked to lie very still and follow the instructions of the technician while the scanning is being performed. During the scanning, the technician can see, hear & speak to the patient at all times.

A CT examination often requires the use of different contrast agents to enhance the visibility of certain tissues or blood vessels. The contrast agent may be injected directly into the blood stream, swallowed or administered by enema, depending on the type of examination. Before administering the contrast agent the radiologist or technician will ask whether the patient has any allergies, especially to medications, iodine and whether the patient has a history of diabetes, asthma, a heart condition, kidney problem or thyroid conditions as these conditions indicate a higher risk of reaction to the contrast agent. Fortunately with the safety of the newest contrast agents the adverse effects are very rare.

The department of Radiodiagnosis & Imaging at EHIRC is well equipped to deal any emergency. A CT examination usually takes from 15 minutes to half an hour. When the exam is over, the patient may be asked to wait until the images are examined to determine if more images are needed.

For the CT Angiography contrast medium is injected into a vein with an automatic injector machine that controls the timing & rate of injection, which may continue during part of the time images are recorded. Afterwards the images are reviewed & some will be repeated, if necessary. The real work of CT angiography comes after the images are acquired, when powerful computer programs process the images & make it possible to display them in different ways.

When it is done/advised ?
It is done when clinicians prescribe it after examining patient and going through his/her records. The radiologists also advise for CT scan when routine x-rays and ultrasonography fail to provide adequate information. It is better device for interventional procedures.

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Raffles Hospital

An ISO 9001 institute with US/UK trained specialists. Raffles Hospital in Singapore is a 380-bed tertiary care private hospital offering a full complement of specialist services using the most advanced medical technology. The rooms at Raffles Hospital are outfitted to the standards of five-star hotels, with an array of suites, single, double, four and six-bed rooms for you to choose from.

National Heart Center Singapore

National Heart Center Singapore is a designated national center for cardiovascular medicine in Singapore and sees over 85,000 outpatients yearly. Performed 2,056 Angioplasty procedures, 577 CABG procedures & 304 Pacing procedures in 2005. National Heart Center Singapore is the first heart center outside USA to be JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited.


Piyavate Hospital

The Piyavate Hospital medical staff is comprised both American Board and Thai Board Certified Physicians in every specialty field, supported by highly qualified registered nurses, technicians and administrative personnel. Piyavate Hospital is located in Bangkok, Thailand. The hospital provides medical services using modern technology and state-of-the-art equipment, accredited by the International Standards Organization ISO 9001-2000.

Bangkok Hospital Group Medical Center

Bangkok Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in Thailand providing tertiary healthcare. The Bangkok Hospital Group has world renowned physicians, cutting edge technology and excellent nursing staff provide all of their patients with the utmost level of medical care. The Bangkok Heart Hospital an ISO 9001:2000 accredited hospital has treated more than 40,000 cardiac outpatients and has done more than 1,100 heart surgeries to date.


Apollo Hospitals Group

The first Indian hospital to receive the Joint Commission International (JCI) USA accreditation the gold-standard in hospital certifications worldwide. Apollo Hospitals have over 7000 beds in 38 hospitals. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in New Delhi, India is spread over 12 acres of land, has a built-up area of 600,000 square feet, and handles close to 200,000 patients a year, of which 10,000 are international patients.

Wockhardt Hospitals Group

Wockhardt hospitals Group has established a chain of super specialty hospitals at Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkatta and Nagpur. Wockhardt Hospitals has associated with Harvard Medical International (HMI), USA. As associate hospitals of HMI in India, Wockhardt Hospitals benefit from the extensive learning and experience of Harvard Medical School and its affiliated institutions world-wide and strive to bring to its patients the benefits of global standards in technology and clinical expertise. Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai, has become the first super specialty hospital in South Asia to achieve accreditation from Joint Commission International (JCI), USA.

Escorts Heart Institute and Research Center

Escorts Heart Institute and Research Center (EHIRC), an ISO 9001 institute has a total of 164 Critical Care beds to provide intensive care to patients after surgery or angioplasty, emergency admissions or other patients needing highly specialized management. The hospital is backed by the most advanced laboratories performing complete range of investigative tests in the field of Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Bio-chemistry, Haematology, Transfusion Medicine and Microbiology. Performed over 9756 Angiographies, 2707 Coronary Interventions, 5519 Cardiac (3214 CABG, 563 Valve, 765 Congenital, 977 other) surgeries in 2005.

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